From Orient

1336632806kA3AXLyiYou have not eaten Chinese food, until you have eaten at From Orient!

Dimitri had the pleasure of visiting this establishment on a business luncheon,  and left with a big grin on his face.

Nestled next to the Wine Underground on Pirie St, this restaurant is a must for exclusive occasions.

First Impression – Fancy, clean and polite.

Service – Normally it is hard to understand some waiters, however, they clearly identified what was in each serving when they brought out the food.

Food – Delicious! In particular the fried chillies, which at first you would think they are very hot spicy, but in fact taste like croutons.  The Deep fried prawns in wasabi mayonnaise sounds spicy also, but they were scrumptious.

Final Impression – Top marks. But for special occasions rather than a quick lunch bite.

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