Osteria de Mesa


Adelaide has slowly been gaining a reputation for food innovation. We have been dining in some of Adelaide’s exciting new places for many years now, and must say that this restaurant is quite an experience.

Those searching for a culinary experience, look no further than Osteria de Mesa in Frewville.

The restaurant is located on Glen Osmond Road, with the entrance taking you into another world and separate to the busy main road.

We started with Osteria’s finest in their “carnes”, a selection of meats including prosciutto, bresaola, lombo, soppressa. You also have to try the Antipasto platter of the Chef’s daily selection to compliment the carnes.

For mains we decided on the Cannelloni Ricotta and Spinach and the Orecchiette con Salsiccia.

Bianca had the Cannelloni featured fresh ricotta and spinach baked with an exquisitely tomato sugo. The flavour was balanced throughout the dish with the richness of the ingredients.

Dimitri decided on the Orecchiette con Salsiccia, which is one of the best dishes ever experienced. The flavours were executed perfectly in the pan-fried pork & fennel sausage, topped with fresh broccolini and chilli.

The servings were big and a worth the pricing.

To end the evening, we decided on the Vanilla Panna cotta with poached strawberries and the Tiramisu. Again these servings were large, with the waiter bringing out a big spoon to scoop the tiramisu straight out of the tray and onto your plate.

Overall, the experience was great, and recommend this restaurant to all.

Osteria has recently changed it’s menu, so it might be time for a visit!

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