Fancy Burger





As far as burger places go, Fancy Burger should be at the top of your list.

We first visited Fancy Burger at Blackwood a few years ago, and have not since found a better burger place in Adelaide (others will say debatable!).

The Legend lamb burger is one of our favourites, or if you are a vegetarian then try the Farmers Market burger.

Fancy Burger uses quality produce from South Australia, and make all there burger patties freshly daily which are 95% fat free. They even make their buns freshly daily.

Fancy Burger not only offer Beef Burgers, but Chicken Burgers, Lamb Burgers, high quality Steak Sandwiches and Fancy Hot Dogs.

If your up for a trek, then head to their Blackwood store, or now there is a new store, with Fancy Burger opening up just off Rundle Street in Synagogue Place in the City.

The city location has a unique outdoor dining experience that you have to see for yourself! They have around 5 outdoor areas all with different themes.

17 Synagogue Place, Adelaide
4/237 Main Rd, Blackwood



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