Pizza e Mozzarella Bar


It is hard to please an Italian when it comes to food, unless they have cooked it themselves. However, Pizza e Mozzarella Bar is an exception. This is one of only a few places in Adelaide that come close to making you feel like you are in Italy. If you have had a pizza in Italy, when you bite into these pizza’s, you have a flashback and wish you were back in Italy eating the pizza.


Their authentic food is cooked in their wood oven, with the rustic flavours you can smell as you walk in from Pirie St.

Their staff are very welcoming and make you feel relaxed as if you were at home. This is a great location in winter, as the heat from the wood oven makes for a warmth eating experience.

Two good choices of pizzas are the Quattro Stagioni (ham, olives, artichokes, salami) and the Capricciosa (artichoke, ham, anchovy, olives). Every Italian will tell you that a good pizza is determined on their Margherita pizza.

Pizza is not only on the menu, as they offer a good selection of main meals with the highlight being the Pork belly with crackling & romesco sauce.


If you go with a large group try their banquet, you have a taste of a few items on their menu and you definitely don’t walk out hungry.

Pizza e Mozzarella Bar
33b Pirie St
Adelaide CBD

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