Red Door Bakery


Elizabeth Street in Croydon has transformed into a hip new location with it’s boutique stores and cafes. Red Door Bakery produced home baked goods made the old fashioned way for a modern clientele.

Red Door Bakery uses only use organic, natural ingredients including real butter. Belgium Butter is their main ingredient, and as they tell you, they worship butter!


They use local produce including Strathalbyn flour, Riverland and Adelaide Hills fruits and meats from various parts of South Australia.

Try their Angus Beef Pies or their Traditional Chicken pies, they are amazing!

Or grab one of their hand rolled breads including Sour Dough, Olive Oil or Olive & Rosemary.


Their tarts are also amazing including the mouth-watering Lemon Curd Tart.

On your next bakery visit, make your way down to Elizabeth Street, Croydon and it will be worth the drive.

Red Door Bakery
22 Elizabeth St

Red Door Bakery on Urbanspoon


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