When you walk into this establishment you would of never thought it was a old railway station back in the old days.

We went there on Saturday on a typical wintery day and the open fire made it so cosy. The 1920’s music which they play give the café more character. It’s a busy place but if you are happy to wait, the nice hostess will take your details and you wait for a table to be available. They have these great shared tables and its different and I haven’t found many cafe’s in Adelaide like that. I felt sorry for the couple which sat near us as our daughter decided to cry most of the time. Woops!


Their menu is mainly breakfast dishes but they have focaccia’s available. Their dishes aren’t the typical meals, they are different, creative and you don’t know what to choose as they all sound delicious.

Their coffee is great as well, it didn’t have that burnt or bitter taste and best part of it they roast their own beans.

I had pea and haloumi fitters with salmon, my husband had the lamb focaccia (he LOVED it) and my little angel had toast with mashed avocado (you could tell she enjoyed it she had it all over her face hahaha…). The dessert selection… yum! they have a good selection and we might of been naughty and had some dessert after lunch as well. Let me just say the blueberry baked cheesecake and chocolate brownie so worth it.


You single guys if your looking for a great location to bring your ladies this is the place for a date.

The Loose Caboose
21 First Street, Hindmarsh

Coffee Hours 7:00am – 4:00pm
Kitchen Hours 7:00am – 2:30pm

The Loose Caboose Cafe on Urbanspoon


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