Rosey’s Cafe


Rosey’s at Unley is another cute café.

It has an outdoor area, great to enjoy your meal while enjoying the sun and a decent area inside especially if you have a pram (if your like me always making a scene with the pram and bumping into tables and chairs hahahaha….).

Breakfast is served all day and the lunch menu changes on a regular basis. Previously I have had one of their salads and they know how to use different ingredients and make a fresh salad taste delicious.

Kristina and I shared the roasted pumpkin and parsnip soup (served with toast) and today I had a freshly squized juice of carrot, orange and ginger (great combo to fight the cold).

Rosey’s Cafe
139 Unley Road, Unley

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Five Little Figs


Growing up in the area and as a young child going to the the Ashbrook Avenue Deli, you would never believe that such a cute place would be created from the old Deli. It’s not just a café, it’s a shop and a cooking school.

You walk in, there is such a great vibe and wonderful to bring children to. They have small tables for the kiddies to draw and play on. Great children items to purchase and not expensive at all.

Most important the FOOD….. My mother and cousin Gilda both got the Grilled mushrooms with caramalised onions, spinach, basil pesto and goats cheese and all this beautifully layered on top of toasted bread. Cousin Tony had the hotpot slow braised beef pie and it came with two side salads of coleslaw and a quiona salad and I had the pumpkin, carrot and yellow lentil soup (served with toasted bread). Tony raved how tender the meat was in his pie and full of flavour and the salads fresh and different flavoured. My soup was full of flavour and the yellow lentils was a nice touch to the soup. Always a family affair!


Usually on Tuesday we don’t have dessert but, we were naughty this time and totally worth it! Gilda had the coconut and orange cake and I had the hazelnut chocolate cupcake with a long black decaf (the coffee was nice and not bitter!). The cakes homemade, soft and delicious! There is a great selection, especially if you want something gluten or diary free.

Sorry no photo’s, I was too busy enjoying the food hahahaha… Next time I will take some and post.

They are open Monday to Friday 8.30am – 4.00pm.

Five Little Figs
Cnr Ashbrook Ave. and Devitt Ave
Payneham South

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Burger Foundry


After trying a number of burger places around Adelaide, not so long ago we decided to try Burger Foundry at Magill.

We had heard that it was best to order via phone first as it can take a while for your order to be completed due to their specialty being hand crafted burgers. We ordered at 7:00pm, there we 4 burgers and chips in our order. We were advised a 30-45min wait, so we decided to arrive at 7:45pm.

There were only two people waiting in the shop, so we presumed that our order wouldnt take long. By 8:00pm, they mentioned there was a back log of orders. We noticed that there wasnt anyone cooking in the back in the 15 mins in the shop. Also the two employees at the front of the shop seemed to just be on their phones waiting for the burger patties to come to the front to “hand craft” the meals.

By 8:15pm, we finally saw someone come to the back to start cooking our burgers. 5 minutes later we were advised that there were no potatoes left to make chips. We noticed right behind the employee were potatoes stacked in a bowl! We said cant you just cut those ones up? They were not allowed to. We werent offered any free items such as drinks for the inconvinience.

By 8:45pm, our burgers were finally packed and ready for us to take away. We drove past McDonalds’ with was 100m away and bought chips and went home.

The burgers were ok, not the best burgers we have had in Adelaide. I guess by 2 hours after we ordered, we were too hungry to worry about reviewing the food.

Burger Foundry

389 Magill Road, St. Morris

Marryatville Pizza Pan


When it comes to take away pizza, we always choose Marryatville Pizza Pan!

The pizza’s have real flavour and using quality ingredients. If you don’t feel like pizza, they have it covered by offering pasta, eggplant parmigiana and more. All the meals we have experienced at Marryatville Pizza Pan has that home taste that you have at Nonna’s and never been disappointed.

Though sometimes we decide to dine in, and get the whole dining experience. This place has a friendly atmosphere similar to eating at your Nonna’s house.

Marryatville Pizza Pan
230-236 Kensington Rd,

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Argo On the Parade

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Whenever you drive past Argo on the Parade, you always see a long line of people waiting to get a table. That tells you already that this place is a must to attend.

Bianca is a regular of Argo each Tuesday, as it is a great location to catch up with friends for a coffee or to grab a quick bite. When the weather is lovely they have plenty of seating outside to enjoy the sunshine.

The atmosphere in this place is buzzing every time your visit. The staff are very friendly with exceptional service.

Argo-Cafe-Restaurant-on-the-Parade-Norwood   Argo-on-The-Parade-Norwood-Cafe
Argo have all your classic’s including breakfast choices such as Big Brekky and Eggs Benedict, along with lunch and snack meals including focaccias, wraps, burgers and salads. Whilst being classic meals, Argo have added their twists to each meal which is why their meals and also their beverages, are so satisfying. You have no problems finding something to suit your dietary requirements at Argo eg, vegan, diary free, gluten free and sugar free. You can also find those guilt free treats to have with your coffee.
Highly recommend these two salad choices:

Queen of Hearts with Quinoa, grilled haloumi, white & red cabbage, cannelloni beans, celery, parsley, topped with Argo salad dressing and mixed lettuce.

Argo Special with Marinated lamb, Fetta, tomato, cucumber, onion, beetroot, chargrilled capsicum, ARGO tzatziki on a bed of baby spinach leaves.

Argo On the Parade
212 The Parade, Norwood

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